Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program

River Bend Christian Counseling follows the 12-step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, together with a general medically-recognized curriculum developed by the respect Hazelden Group.

The intensive outpatient groups currently are led by Ron on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m.

What can I expect at group?

You will meet Ron for an initial intake evaluation, and will answer questions designed to help tailor a treatment program to your specific needs. You will receive your choice of literature for either the AA or the NA program.

You will be expected to meet with your group each of the three nights a week it is suggested for you, for as many weeks as appropriate.

You will also meet one-on-one with Ron for an hour weekly.

You will receive literature and other information about groups, about addictions, and about addictive behaviors and dangers.

Ron will be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have about what to expect in groups.

At all times the environment we strive for in groups is one of safe harbor and exploration of self and relationships. We want patients who come to us to feel well taken care of while they are attending the intensive outpatient program and learning how to apply what they have learned to their daily lives.

In addition to the AA ( and NA ( principles, RBCC offers other therapies which are highly beneficial to our patients.

Mondays at 7:00 p.m. ACOA - Adult Children of Alcoholics

This statistically large (47 million in the United States alone) group faces unique challenges, great numbers of which can best be understood by other ACOAs. John Heath leads this group on Mondays, and encourages you to participate to find out more about how this group can help you.

ACOA's official website is and patients can check this website at their convenience to see what they are offered by this well-respected group.

Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. Family Therapy

Addiction and mental illness affect not only the patient, but the patient's family. Depending on the position of the patient within the family group, the effects of addiction and mental illness can be devastating to the family.

This family therapy group offers the opportunity to explore the family dynamics at work, as well as providing answers to some of the more difficult questions family members have regarding their loved one's disease. This group provides a good forum for those experiencing family problems stemming from addiction to share with and learn from one another.

A good website to check out for further information is that of "Nar-Anon Family Groups,"

Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. Couples Therapy

Also offered are couples, marriage and prenuptial (similar to pre-Cana) counseling. Randy and Ron both lead sessions of these groups, as well as conducting private, individual counseling sessions. Couples therapy allows participants to explore facets of the relationship which are not in harmony and work together to achieve resolution to conflicts or open, difficult issues.

Prenuptial counseling allows prospective marriage candidates to be guided through the main problem areas which typically develop in marriages, such as conflicts or mismatched expectations about sex, money and children. Participants also learn methods to defuse issues before they turn into real problems, while working together to build a strong, solid base for a lifelong union and the raising of healthy children.

Ambulatory Detoxification

RBCC also offers ambulatory detoxification services for patients for whom this approach is appropriate. This approach can save the patient and his or her insurance company thousands of dollars in medical expenses, as well as decreasing the time lost from the patient's job. Dr. Doyle handles this service.

Vivitrol Injections

Vivitrol is a new drug (pharmacotherapy) introduced within the last year which dramatically reduces the craving for alcohol. The shot is administered once a month to help the alcohol abuser combat this constant craving for alcohol, while regular appointments are made for adjunctive bio-psycho-social therapy. Dr. Doyle administers this program, which has been quite successful with the patients on it thus far. There are usually no serious side effects, and most insurance companies will cover the cost.


RBCC offers an on-site buprenorphine clinic. Buprenorphine is a relatively new alternative to methadone treatment, and is office-based. Patients may come to RBCC's premises to receive their prescription, and are medically followed during their time at RBCC. There is an induction period typically lasting a week to ten days in which office visits are fairly frequent. After that, the patient comes in monthly for visits with the doctor and twice monthly for meetings with the counselor. Patients are expected to be involved in recovery programs on their own. More information is available during the first session.

Further information about addictions in general and buprenorphine in particular may be found at the website of the American Society of Addiction Medicine,

DUI Evaluation and Risk Education Services

Did you know that there are over 57,000 arrests yearly for driving under the influence in Illinois alone?

If you receive a DUI in the state of Illinois, you are required to:

1) undergo a DUI evaluation (RBCC participates in the state-driven online reporting service currently mandated by our courts). The cost of this evaluation is $115 and payment must be received before the evaluation can be conducted.

2) depending on your diagnosed risk level, you will be required to undergo risk education. This education will vary in duration. Your counselor will be able to tell you your particular requirement.

Risk education services are extensive and are focused on helping the patient understand the risks involved with, and consequences deriving from, driving under the influence of substances. Risk education is aimed at helping patients make better choices and eliminate harm to themselves and others.

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