River Bend Christian Counseling is a fully state-licensed alcohol and drug treatment center, offering ambulatory detoxification to appropriate patients, as well as intensive outpatient treatment. Dr. Randy Doyle, former medical director of the Genesis MARC unit, is the medical director of RBCC. He has extensive training in addictions medicine and is certified by the national association known as ASAM: the American Society for Addiction Medicine. These caregivers know first-hand the stresses, frustrations, hurt and danger of the addicted life, and bring their considerable expertise and compassion to bear on the circumstances their patients face.

RBCC is unique among Quad Cities Treatment centers in that it is headed by a fully Board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. A. R. Doyle, M.D. Dr. Doyle has also undergone additional training in addictions and is the only psychiatrist in this area to be certified by the nationally recognized American Society of Addiction Medicine. Patients from the various groups offered at RBCC may be referred to Dr. Doyle at any time for more intensive therapy, as well as to obtain psychiatric evaluation, medication evaluation and prescriptions for such medicines. Dr. Doyle maintains a full private practice at RBCC, as well as filling the position of Medical Director of the clinic. Dr. Doyle has also completed training in EMDR and Gestalt techniques, as well as guiding impaired professionals groups.

River Bend Christian Counseling saved my life.


Our Organization

We are a group of treatment providers with a singular dedication to the health, recovery and wellbeing of our patients. Our commitment is to God, our families, our patients and our community. It is our prayer to bring hope to those suffering mental and emotional pain, as well as the anguish of addiction. We hope to educate the families and friends of our patients, as well as the community at large, as to mental health and addiction issues. We wish to be a harbor for those suffering distress and debility, welcoming those laboring under the burden and stigma of addiction.

As a group, we have over 80 total years of combined experience treating both psychiatric and alcohol/drug abuse patients. Our desire is to bring the hope of a fulfilling life to our patients, helping them to regain confidence in themselves; restore relationships with others; and replenish their ability to cope with the stresses of daily life.

Our Medical Director, A. R. Doyle, M.D., completed his four-year psychiatric residency at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. While at Loyola, he did work at the Veterans' Administration Hospital and the Madden location of the state psychiatric hospital system. He studied Gestalt and EMDR techniques, as well, and also studied marital/sexual therapy under Dr. Domeena Renshaw.

He is the former medical director of the MARC (Multiple Addictions Recovery Center) unit at Genesis Hospital in Davenport, with an abundant inpatient practice. He was also a staff psychiatrist at Vera French Community Mental Health Center in Davenport. Following some personal life changes, in October of 2004 he decided to concentrate on his private practice in order to have the time to start looking into fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Gabriele Doyle is our Business Manager. Gabriele received her MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago/Evanston with concentrations in marketing, economics and international business.

Our History

Dr. Doyle is originally from Rock Island. He returned to the area in the summer of 1997 to begin his practice at Genesis Hospital and Vera French Community Mental Health Center in Davenport. After some personal life changes in the summer of 2004, he decided the time was ripe to start looking into fulfilling a lifelong dream.

And River Bend Christian Counseling is the fulfillment of that dream. The first step was to locate a building to serve as the home of the new facility. With the help of Merle Henning, a longtime family friend and local realtor, the location at 111 19th Avenue in Moline was found. It had been closed for many years and bore the evidence of this neglect.

After gutting the building of its aged HVAC and other systems, knocking down walls to establish group rooms and re-landscaping the damaged and overgrown outside areas of the building's site, it was time to start compiling the 700-page manual required by the state of Illinois for licensure as an alcohol/drug treatment facility. After countless late-night sessions on the computer, the manual was finalized and shipped to the Illinois Department of Human Services main offices in Chicago, and we received our license in May 2005.

Dr. Doyle and Susan Alden opened their private practices at the new building on May 2, 2005. The alcohol/drug treatment program started in July, but officially opened in September 2005. The program offers various therapies, including group, individual, family and couples therapy, and DUI evaluation and education programs are also available. The new buprenorphine treatment is also available at the facility. This program provides an alternative to methadone treatment, and has a highly-rated efficacy.

But we don't plan to stop only at treatment and therapies—our desire is to bring the highest standards of education and information to the Quad City community so that citizens of the area can become aware of mental health and substance abuse issues, educating themselves to recognize and combat these difficulties in their personal lives. RBCC's healthcare staff is available to present such educational programs and materials to local churches and schools.

Our Goals

  • We seek to apply Christian principles to our psychiatric, counseling and alcohol/drug treatment services.
  • We value the patient as a unique individual created by God and seek to honor him or her by using these principles in conjunction with proven scientific principles.
  • These principles include those of 12-step recovery, to achieve the highest possible level of health for each patient.
  • We believe that alcoholism/substance abuse is a disease which affects the individual physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • We also believe that not only is the individual affected, but also his or her family and significant other relationships.
  • Along with 12-step principles, we are strongly committed to a comprehensive patient education program concerning all phases of the addiction process.
  • We also strongly believe in the therapeutic value of the group process and group counseling.

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That all people in the Quad Cities area would know of the availability of Christian substance abuse and mental health outpatient services, and that all people would have access to those services.


River Bend Christian Counseling (RBCC) exists to serve God, and to fulfill the mission Christ has given His Church to actively and effectively serve the communities in which we live.

For RBCC the mission to serve means to minister and treat:
  • Those seeking recovery from the debilitating effects of addiction.
  • Those seeking recovery from broken relationships.
  • Those suffering from mental disorders.
  • Those overwhelmed by the pressures and stresses of life.
  • Those endeavoring to build and strengthen a healthy personal identity.
  • Those endeavoring to build and strengthen healthy relationships, fulfilling marriages, and meaningful parent-child relationships.
  • Those seeking a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in their existence.
For RBCC the mission to provide treatment means:
  • The provision of comprehensive and effective services which are thoroughly professional, and wholly integrated and consistent with Christian beliefs and values.
  • Services which are influenced by the full expression of the God-given spiritual gifts of love, discernment, encouragement, teaching, healing, knowledge, administration, helping, and wisdom.
  • Gifts which are developed and honed with the scientific knowledge and professional skills of evaluation, assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, and therapeutic intervention.
  • All people regardless of age, race, sex, religion, ethnicity, or socio-economic status are treated with respect, empathy, and acceptance.
  • The morals of the Christian faith and the ethics of the professional governing boards are thoughtfully affirmed and carefully followed.
For RBCC the mission to provide comprehensive and effective services means:
  • A multidisciplinary staff of licensed or registered mental health professionals from the fields of psychiatry, nursing, clinical psychology, marriage and family therapy, clinical social work, and addiction.
  • The provision of a complete range of therapeutic services including individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, family therapy, group therapy, didactic therapy, and psychological assessment.
  • The provision of consulting services to churches, schools, business organizations, legal professionals, and other social service agencies.
  • The provision of teaching services through workshops, classes, seminars, and the development of printed and electronic educational materials.
  • A commitment to professional development and training through the provision of board-approved internships and continuing education classes.